Getting Started

You can create your documentation website using doc-site. doc-site also helps authors, entrepreneurs, corporate groups, and bloggers to create their own fastn web project.

🎨 Creating fastn web-site using doc-site

To understand how to create fastn website repository on GitHub - Click here.

🤔 How to publish a package?

Watch this quick video tutorial to learn how to publish a package.
🛠️ Resources:

🌟 Whats next?

The -- component comes with an built-in navbar, sidebar, and body content area. Start creating new .ftd files inside your project and use doc-site component to write your documentation, blog posts, etc.

🔸 To learn how to configure your fastn website - Click here.

🔸 To know more details of the component - Click here.

🔸 To learn how to generate a better sitemap for navigation - Click here.

🔸 To change the typography and font - Click here.

🔸 To change the color schemes - Click here.

🔸 To know about SEO support - Click here.

🔸 To learn how to update footer - Click here.

🔸 To know about static assets - Click here.
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