Adding Author Details

In this section, we will learn about adding author details.

As a blog author, you can add your details using our author feature.

Let's understand how to add author details.
Example how to add author meta
-- import:

-- amitu: Amit Upadhyay
profile: CEO
bio-url: blog-authors/amitu/
image: $assets.files.static.authors.amitu.jpg
company: FifthTry Pvt. Ltd.

Founder and CEO of FifthTry Private Limited. FifthTry is backed by Y Combinators. 
A Bangalore-based start-up with having development center at 91Springboard, JP Nagar,

Let's understand the above code snippet:

Like in doc-site we have added the blog-authors folder. Here you can create a <your-name>.ftd file. e.g. amitu.ftd file.

-- amitu: Amit Upadhyay: in this FTD component author name as a title. You can change Amit Upadhyay with your name.

profile: helps add author designation

bio-url: add author FTD file and folder details.

image: author image

company: author company details

✨ You can add the author bio as a body at the last of the above code snippet.
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